What is Domino's Cat Rescue League?

Domino's Cat Rescue League is a non-profit 501(c)(3) special NO-KILL, cage free, adoption cattery located in Palm City, Florida, offering a healthy, safe and loving environment for kittens and cats. It is a place where cats can become kittens again and kittens can grow up to enjoy the love of a caring family when adopted.

What is Domino's Cat Rescue League Vision?

Our Vision is to be the premier no-kill feline rescue and adoption center, as well as a resource to facilitate spay/neuter services, in Martin County so that feline overpopulation and homelessness are eliminated.

What is Domino's Cat Rescue League Mission?

Our Mission is to compassionately shelter, spay/neuter and offer for adoption all cats and kittens rescued by us or surrendered to us by the public in and around Martin County. We continually promote educational events via community outreach to increase awareness of our spay and neuter programs in order to eliminate overpopulation through feline sterilization.

Who is Domino?

Domino's House is a very special shelter named in honor of a very special cat - Domino.  Domino's story encompasses what every homeless, frightened and almost always forgotten stray animal must endure without human intervention and compassion.

So few of us know the results of our "throw away" society. Domino's House was formed in 2001, not only to protect and care for these animals, but to educate the public of the plight of homeless animals.

Contrary to many myths - 
1) Cats cannot "fend for themselves". 
2) Cats do not kill and eat all the birds. 
3) Cats do not carry dangerous diseases.

Assorted groups of free roaming cats are called a "community."  This colony forms because they have a food source - generally, compassionate caring individual who respects the right of animals who have been discarded and left by humans who are not responsible individuals.

In a cat community, every cat has his/her position in the group. In his community, our Domino was assumed to be a participant in the colony, showing up on time for his caretaker to provide needed food and water for the day. It was a much anticipated event since he more than likely had no food for the past 24 hours (contrary to the belief that cats can "fend for themselves"). He probably had nothing to eat since his last visit of the caretaker the previous day.

Domino's family consisted of two intact males and one neutered male and four spayed females. For their own survival, all cats stayed out of site for most of the time and their "internal clock" alerted them when it was the appropriate time to gather in a social group and wait for their caretaker who brought food, water and a soft comforting voice of reassurance to all.

In a monitored cat community using the TNVR ordinance that was passed in Martin County in 2017, each cat is monitored and, if unaltered, is trapped humanely and brought to a facility for neutering and spaying, rabies shots, microchip and ear notched for identification purposes. If medical attention is needed, that also is administered at that time. After recovery in a safe carrier the cat is brought back to its community and released.

Domino stood out in a crowd. His coat resembled a very handsome gentleman all dressed up for a formal dinner in his "Tuxedo".  Domino's coat was all black sporting a white vest and gloves...a very handsome feline to be sure. His fellow community kitties were all beautiful and usually captivating as, one by one, each arrived near the foliage on the Hobe Sound Beach for the meal - a torteshell old grandma cat, a feisty black young female, a ear-torn battered old tom, a gray girl and then there was this tuxedo boy - Domino.

Domino drew a crowd as bystanders watched the group receive their daily dinner of canned cat and dry cat food and fresh water which served to sustain the group until the next day. All eat quietly without interference from others in the colony, basked in the sun and listened while caretakers bestowed words of encouragement and adulation. When it is time to leave, the cat dishes, and any uneaten food are packed up. In less then an hour since feeding began, all had gone back into their "special" places and disappeared until the next day.

Mortality from predators (human and others) as well as traffic injuries can and does occur even in the most dedicated and responsible care-taking situation. Each day a cat is not in the safety of a loving home tragedy and injury can occur. The disappearance of Domino from the colony was another disaster.  We were heart broken and grieving over what could have happened to him. Days lapsed into weeks until little hope was left for our big tuxedo guy named Domino.

3 weeks from his absence we heard a cry for help! Domino was alive! There, barely standing was Domino. His coat no longer shiny, his skin barely draped his bony body. His long beautiful tail no longer there, only exposed bones and blood. His plea for help was answered by his caretaker and emergency care was administered by a compassionate vet. We were asked if we wanted to save him? Of course! After months of constant care and encouragement in our home, Domino grew stronger each day. He had a real home now and would never live unprotected again. And, so, was born Domino's House!

Domino's first day at his "Forever" home.

The pain Domino suffered and the manner in which he endured it left us with a place in our heart for this brave and courageous boy. Domino brought us another reason why we continue to spay/neuter, heal, and feed cats hoping for the day when there will be no more tossed away animals who needlessly suffer because of our lack of education and compassion.

Domino's House is a place where many cats enjoy safety, good health and freedom from hunger and pain. Here we attempt to find each cat his/her "Forever" home.  For those who await adoption, we nurture, love, care for, and respect each life and offer them a safe place for the rest of their lives or until they are adopted to loving homes.

Written by Maris Sine, Domino's caretaker.

Sadly on 7/9/2007, Domino went to "Rainbow Bridge" dying in Maris' arms. He will surely be missed by all who knew him and those who have heard his story and live his legacy!

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