May 17th - Great Give

May 17 from midnight to midnight is a wonderful chance to amplify your donation  to Domino's Cat Rescue League. The Great Give is designed to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in just one day.  Your donations are augmented by a bonus pool provided through the United Way of Palm Beach County.  Last year's Great Give raised nearly $27,000 for Domino's House.  We raised more than any other animal charity, and we were the #6 ranking charity in Martin County in terms of dollars raised.

We receive no government support of any kind.  Our operating costs are covered by adoption fees, donations, and the few grants that are available for animal welfare organizations.  Every dollar donated makes a please mark your calendar for May 17.  The direct link for donating is   Or you can call 1-844-GREATGIVE.

We need your help again!  Please mark your calendars for May 17.


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