Domino's Cat Rescue is usually full to capacity.  We can only financially care for a given number of residents.  Should oenings occur we usually fill our spaces with cats and kittens that are awaiting euthanasia at local shelters that do not embrace a no kill program.

We are happy, and encourage, many other resources to help you find a responsible home for your cat.  We do require that your cat be neutered or spayed to ensure you find a responsible new home for your pet.  Our website has a link called "Adoptions elsewhere" where you may email us with a picture of the cat, a medical history including spay or neuter, vaccination information and your telephone information.  We will place your cat's information on our site if you email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

No, an appointment is not necessary as we have on site a tour director and an adoption associate available during our hours of operation which is 1PM to 4PM seven days a week.  We are closed on all major holidays.  We do suggest you call us at 772-781-5592 for directions.

The President and her husband live on the premises and we have four security cameras in use 24 hours a day.  All cats are monitored at all times.

Our cats are fed a diet of nutritional canned and dry food.  We provide Friskies canned an Purina One or Purina Cat Chow for all cats unless a cat is on a medicated diet for health reasons.  Adults are fed canned food once a day and dry food is available at all times.  Kittens and "teenagers" are fed twice or three times a day.

Domino's House does not have a veterinary clinic.  We rely on our veterinary partners to oversee any medical issues that may arise.  We bring residents to our veterinarians to be spayed and neutered as well as for other medical issues.  Once a year we have a scheduled few days for the Martin Downs Animal Hospital to bring their medical equipment to our shelter and up-date any vaccinations that are needed and to do blood work on selected cats.  Al cats are given a thorough physical.  This event is called "Sister Sara Project".  Needless to say, this projects is our highest medical expense at the shelter.

We have an active volunteer program which is vital to the shelters operation.  We need volunteers for off-site adoption events, fundraising programs, nursing home visits with our "therapy" cats.  We always are in need of dry and wet cat food.  We welcome all to visit our residents who would love to receive your compassion by brushing, playing and giving treats to all our residents.  Of course, should you like to donate financially we would be most appreciative.  ALL MONIES received go DIRECTLY into our medical or daily operations accounts.  We also encourage a gift of planned giving and accept your wishes for an inheritance program for your cat upon your death.

The rule of thumb is whatever building they prefer they can settle in or just visit for a day or two.  Most of the buildings off the main "Catio" are open to any cat to hang-out, eat a meal or just visit the other cats from time to time.  

Two separate buildings are isolated from the main buildings as these buildings house our FIV+ of Felk+ cats.  Each building is fully decorated with all the beds, toys, dishes that every cat has in the main areas and supports a lare secure yard to play in.  "Tom's" House and "Bella's" House are two such buildings.

We ar emost happy to offer suggestions as to help save this cat's life.  We encourage you to help keep this cat safe until a solution can be found - foster home, medical care, etc.  Each and every cat - social or non-social needs a chance to live their lives safely.  Be a hero and help them find a "Forever" home.

Absolutely.  We have a full-equipped nursery for 24/7 care for new babies.  Our foster program has two excellent foster Moms for the over flow and rest assured they will receive the berst medical and physical care possible to survive.  Kittens need constant care so these foster Moms are incredibly vital to their survival.