on 01 December 2012
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(Letter that was sent into Domino's house)

First of all I would really like to congratulate you for being such a great person by dedicating your life to rescuing cats. I find that so humane and really would like to thank you for that action, though not all people give so much love and dedication to animals.

(I have sent you this e-mail as you told me to do today since we will be meeting Chantilly tomorrow-Tuesday 13th- at 5:30pm as we were told by you. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!)

My mother called on Sunday the 11th as well as today. She also told you that I am 13 years old and that we would LOVE adopting Chantilly. She was told to go on your website and that is what we did. I have been looking for a pet for the past few months and a week ago I spotted Chantilly on Since then, she has been the thing that I have mostly wanted in the world, not to mention that I even had a dream of adopting her!

We have also spent hours researching and asking questions to our "cat owning" friends, as well as researching for the costs and needs of a cat, to maintain a healthy pet. We have concluded that the care needed for a cat is something we would love to do, as well as something we can handle. My mother was also told to first fill out paper work on your website. We looked under the link: "Cats available for adoption" and couldn't find Chantilly on the list. We saw what was required on the forms of other cats, so here we have filled this out via e-mail. (We would also be very pleased to pay the $75.00 Donation Fee) We agree with you that an animal is not something where you can say "It costs nothing" because it is a living being and should be respected as what it is.

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