Myrtle Rae

by Kevin Fisher
on 03 November 2015
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She wasn't too difficult to spot. Her sweet surprisingly trusting face with belly protruding with birth intimate. I was on our twice yearly rescue visit to the local shelter to rescue only a few "lucky ones" before they would be statistics in the overwhelming flow of abandoned and discarded cats and kitten put to death each and every day throughout the world of "shelters, pounds and animal control centers in this country. A rude awakening to any outsider who does not comprehend the magnitude of our pet overpopulation problems. 

Our role as a no-kill shelter that feverishly practices the controversial but enormously successful, TNR (trap, neuter and return) program is to humanely save stray, abandoned and homeless cats and kittens from the cruelty that pets encounter when left to "fend on their own." 

So it came to be that Myrtle Rae, as we called her, along with nine other assorted kittens and cats left the Shelter to the place called Domino's House. A no-kill, not-for-profit cat shelter. 

Myrtle Rae gave birth to one, and ever so cute, orange kitten we named Sundance. As time went by and Myrtle enjoyed her new lease on life of safety, abundant food and always love. Her son was adopted along with the young assortment of kittens rescued that day. Myrtle was spayed, protected with vaccines from feline diseases and quietly passed her days in the sun and shade of her home along with her many feline friends awaiting "their turn" for the ultimate "forever" adopted home. 

A local Cat Show was being held and we were asked to bring a few cats to enter into the show as "Households Pets". We seized this opportunity and entered two, one of which was the sweet-face, ever so trusting, Myrtle Rae. As it seemed to us and the judges, that Myrtle Rae was indeed a very shinning example of love and contentment. She so proudly displayed to all in attendance her presence of joy and satisfaction in life. In the show hall were a couple who traveled quite a distance to see the Cat Show. They too enjoyed this cats' display of contentment and by the end of the day made the decision to make Myrtle Rae their new pet. On this day our Myrtle was adopted, donning a 1st Place Rosette to boot! 

This is a good ending, no, a very good ending, of one cat, lots of courage, tons of trust and many caring individuals who made this possible. May there be many more Myrtle's Rae dreams come true. Always spay and neuter your pet and always adopt from a shelter. Be responsible pet owners. The Myrtle's of this world thank you! 


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