Toy n Tinker

by Kevin Fisher
on 03 November 2015
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UPDATE 5/5/2011

Hello Maris!

I just wanted to drop in and let everyone at Domino's House know that Tony and Larry (formally Tinker and Toy) are still doing wonderful, as well as their little sister Bunny. We are also adding a human baby to the mix and she is due to arrive on February 6. I think that Tony and Larry will be a little jealous and scared at first but I know they will love her as soon as they realize she is just another 2 hands to pet them.

I hope all is well! Have a wonderful new year!





Dear Maris,

Hi, I adopted 2 kitties-Tinker and Toy who I renamed Larry and Tony- and I was just stopping by your website to see how everything was going. I was sad to still see that some of the cats that I had noticed in years past, but happy that they are able to stay in such a loving environment at Domino's House.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I should let you know how much my cats have changed my life. After I brought my cats home 5 years ago, something changed inside of me. I fell so in love with my boys and became much more consciencious of the world around me. Early in this transformation, I picked up a paint brush and started to paint my cats. I kept painting and painting, I even started painting other animals who's beauty I did not previously understand. Now I paint professionally (I have been painting full-time for a little over a year) and I have had a great deal of success and I owe it to my cats and the lovely woman that helped make them so magnificent.

I also would like to note that we have added another cat to our family. I found a 6 week old kitten (I named her Bunny Catherine) in a weed infested window well on my condominium building. A neighbor told me she had heard an animal crying for a couple of days so I searched until I found her. She was flea and worm infested but as soon as she was healthy, I let her hang out with Tony and Larry. It took about a week and then they were a happy family. Bunny is now about 5 months old and she LOVES her big brothers and they love her too.

Best wishes to you and all of your kitties!

Jessica Roller


Tinker and Toy were born in the wild.  Their Mother is still living in a colony with 10 or so other cats.  With the co-operation of dedicated individuals (See letter to FWC) all are spayed and neutered except one little Siamese girl who has eluded all the professional trappers that are very experienced in TNR methods.  In essence, she is very, very smart and determined not to be caught.  One day we will lure her into a trap, net or cage and finally she will be spayed and shots given for her health in the future.  She will be returned and cared for as always by folks who CARE!!  We can then appreciate the fact that God love them, there will be no more kitties who need help in this private, as best as we can do, home in the wild. These two were adopted together by a friendly couple, These two weren't going to be separated.. They spend their days....just sleeping together.

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