Saying Goodbye

( A cat tells his and his sister's story from abandonment to death)

My name is Boots. I used to live with a very nice family that adopted me and my sister Fluffy from an animal shelter not too far from our home. We are 7 years old and if I might say very pretty kitties indeed!! I have a beautiful shiny black coat and my sister is a calico with large bright red and orange patches on her sleek coat. Our whiskers are long and graceful.


When we first came to our new home we were the THE most important new arrivals in the house. We were given new toys, neat scratching posts and all the best of food. We even got our own bed!!! My sister and I were really loved.

Recently our family started shouting and crying and we were not treated the same. Our litter boxes always needed cleaning but no one seemed to care. One day our family took all the furniture, their belongings, even took our favorite chair and left us alone. I KNEW they would be back because they left a bowl of water and dry food on the bare kitchen floor and closed the front door and drove away. They will be back soon I told Fluffy. Many days followed and my sister didn't understand when our bowls were empty of food and water – they ALWAYS fill our empty bowls. Where are they? We became hungry and had to use the empty floor to go to the bathroom as our box was too full to use.

What seems years but really was only two weeks a truck pulled up in our driveway – we are saved – they are back my sister said. These people were not our family but put us in a cage and took us to a large building where they had loads of barking dogs and cats meowing everywhere. We were glad to be put together and they gave us water and some food. Thank you we said. Now our folks will find us and take us home.

No one came for a few days and my sister became depressed and I could no longer tell her we will see our family again. The next day a worker there at this big place took us both in a “special” room that did not smell nice. We both were given an injection that stung and made us very sleepy. A moment later an long needle was stuck in our chest and a syringe full of euthanasia solution stopped our heart. We both died in that cold room that day – humans called it euthanasia. Our final thoughts were WHY?? What did we do wrong? Where are our folks who once loved us so?

In memory of Binny - - 9 week old black kitten left to die in abandoned house along with her Mom. A realtor rescued both and brought them to Domino's House. Two days later Binny died of complications from organ failure due to starvation despite veterinary care and constant 24 hour monitoring and treatment. Binny quietly died in a fuzzy warm blanket on Maris' lap.

Mom is still recovering, gains more strength each day, and will hopefully soon be adopted by a loving caretaker.

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